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Camden County High School "CCHS Wildcats Eye" Car Freshener Vent Clip 

**Pair the Vent Clip with a set of matching Car Coasters, for even more of that personal touch. These make great stocking stuffers or office party gifts!**

Add some Aromatherapy on the go, while adding even more personality to your car’s interior with one of our Car Freshener Vent Clips! Begin with the design of your choice. Each design is permanently pressed on a 1.5” specially coated hardboard round, that is then adhered to the Vent Clip.

Each Vent Clip is scented with your choice of essential oils. Each Clip contains our premium quality, nontoxic, wool and cotton blend pads, for super durability and absorbency. Our premium pads hold more oil than most, which allows you to enjoy the scent even longer. Better yet, our pads are reusable and can be washed many times over!

Our Car Freshener Vent Clips are easy to install! Align the tab with the legs positioned between the vertical post, while the tab “bites” the horizontal louver, and push in. Each Vent Clip has (2) durable metal arms that form the clip, and each clip has sleeves, to prevent any abrasion on the vent itself, making it safe to use.

Camden County High School "CCHS Wildcats Eye" Car Freshener Vent Clip

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