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Wearing this "Glamping - It's like camping, with electricity, wine and much less dirt" shirt will certainly add a little humor to your camping experience. - $22 to XL


You will be hard-pressed to find more versatility than with this Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt. The unisex design means that the whole team can match, as the shirt is flattering for both sexes. Men and women will both be pleased with the shorter, fitted bicep cuff that adds just a bit of an enhanced look versus looser tees. Each shirt is designed with a higher percentage of chief value 4.2 oz., 100% combed and ringspun cotton to maximize softness, and a quality blend of polyester to remain strong.  Design is Premium Name Brand HTV.

"Glamping - Like Camping, with Electricity, Wine & much less Dirt" Shirt

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