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This "Tropical Flower Umbrella" Door Hanger offers a beautifully unique welcome to any door this Spring/Summer!


Please note that my wreaths are all one-of-a-kind. There are no two wreaths exactly alike, so if you see something that is perfect for you or as a gift for that someone special…don’t hesitate!


This unique "Umbrella Door Hanger" is made from an oiled paper umbrella canopy with a polished, solid wood handle and ribs, spilling over with quality tropical florals and a handcrafted bow, made from premium quality wired ribbon.  The door hanger has a wire hanger in the back for easy display.


This door hanger should be kept under shelter and not in direct sun, in order to preserve it's beauty for years to come. 


The overall dimensions of this door hanger are approximately 32"l x 26"w x 11"d.

"Tropical Flower Umbrella" Door Hanger

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