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"Rainbow Leopard" Scrub Top Badge Reel 

**May be personalized at no additional charge.**

Our NEW Interchangeable Retractable Badge Reels offer the opportunity to add some personality to your work/school day, with many interchangeable shapes and designs to choose from!

Our “Add-On” Shapes measure approximately 1.5” and are interchangeable for the holidays, or to match your attire, and are easily attached with hook and loop fasteners! The interchangeable reel is a cost-effective way to have numerous designs at our disposal. Should the reel ever break, you simply replace the reel and keep the add-ons!

Badge Reels are commonly used to swipe magnetic access cards, ID badges, as well as, hold a few keys, allowing you to keep your ID card/keys on your person at all times! These Badge Reels can be placed in a pocket, clipped on a scrub pocket, belt, backpack, purse strap or collar, very easily with the attached slide style clip on the back of the reel! A clear vinyl strap with snap easily holds a badge!

The shell of this quality Retractable Badge Reel is made of a quality thermoplastic polymer material and metal, which makes it strong and durable. The “round” portion of the Badge Reel measures approximately 1” in diameter, before attachment. The rope is made of quality nylon material, making it resistant to breakage, and measures approximately 28” in length.

"Rainbow Leopard" Scrub Top Badge Reel

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