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About Us

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Welcome to Personally Yours!  

My name is Sheri Hughes, and I am the owner, designer and creator of

Personally Yours. 

I have loved arts and crafts since I was a child, and always loved seeing personalized items that others had, but was unable to find them for myself, due to

the spelling of my name. I started creating my own items, which then progressed 

into creating my own home decor, as well as, creating gifts for friends and family. 

For years, I heard from others that I should start my own business, but we all know

that may not always be as easy as it sounds.  One day, with the encouragement

from my husband, sister and friends, I took that leap of faith, and although there

have been hiccups in the road, that faith endures. 

Here at Personally Yours,

we bring our passion for personalized items to creating unique products for you and your home!  All of our products are handcrafted with high quality materials, while maintaining affordability.  

By shopping with our small family-owned business, you make the decision to support fair trade artisans here within our local community.  We take pride in being your source for high quality home decor!

Handmade with Love

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